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If you are Tesco’s fan, here you can find its leaflets. It usually publishes magazines every month. You can find food recipes with indulging pictures and you can see the price of the products that are used for recipes. You may even find nutritional facts of some recipes. Cooking is more fun ...

with Tesco’s magazine; mouth-watering recipes and all ingredients can be found at Tesco. You can be informed with current offers. You can also find information about fashion, beauty and home products.</p>Expand text

About the network Tesco

Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. He started to sell groceries at a market stall in London. In 1924, he started to sell his own brand, ‘Tesco Tea’ and in 1929, he opened his first store in Edgware, London which sells groceries and his own brand product. Tesco grows very rapidly and at the present time, it has more than 3,500 stores in the UK.

It has different types of store formats which are different in size. The most known ones are as follows;

  • Tesco Express
  • One Stop
  • Tesco Superstore
  • Tesco Extra
  • Tesco Metro
  • It also operates more than 450 petrol stations

    Nowadays, Tesco sells groceries, books, clothing, furniture, and toys. It provides telecommunication service, Tesco Mobile, financial service, Tesco Bank and photo service.

    Tesco also launches its own brand products which best-known ones are ‘Tesco Finest’ and ‘Everyday Value’. It always aims to provide the best quality of products at reasonable prices.

    Tesco operates online shopping. It has a home delivery service and it introduces delivery saver plan which aims to limit the amount spent on home deliveries. Customers can choose their plan and have a contract that can be renewed each month so this way they can save on delivery costs.

    Tesco also provides Club Card accounts which customers can collect points for every their spend on groceries or fuel. Then, those points can be turned into vouchers. Customers can have this club card account on the app and just scan their card from their phone.