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At Makro stores, you’ll get to shop at different sections for food and non-food products. For example, there is a hot-food cafeteria, where you can have a delicious and affordable lunch. For groceries, there is a fresh fish section, a butchery department for meat, and a g ...

reat selection of wines</em>. In the non-food area, you can buy <em>clothes, DIY/office supplies, electronics, computers</em>, and other items such as <em>garden furniture</em>. If you check our website regularly, you can find <strong>special offers</strong> in the brochures called which are called Makro Mail. In the leaflets and catalogues, you can also find the opening and closing times as well as some other in-store promotions.</p>Expand text

About the network Makro

Makro is an international warehouse club chain. These stores are also known as ‘cash and carries’ in the United Kingdom. It is owned by Metro AG in Europe and SHV Holdings in Latin America. It has numerous locations in the European Union as well as South Africa, and the United States.

Makro UK is owned by Booker Group and it has 30 stores across the country. It’s worth remembering that Makro stores are not open to the general public in the UK, which means only registered members are allowed to enter the stores. The members can shop at Makro with their membership cards and are also eligible for discounts. Makro stores mainly serve:

  • Newsagent's shops and convenience stores.
  • Restaurants, hotels, and caterers.
  • Schools, universities and sports clubs.
  • Makro UK was known with the "The UK's No.1 Discounter" slogan for a long time. However, recently it was changed with "For Professionals". Subsequently, this was also changed to "Your business partner every day", which is the tag-line which is being used at the moment.