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If you are moving into a new house, or you get bored with your existent furniture, you can check IKEA’s new catalogue to see new styles of decorations, and the recent products. You can be inspired by the look of the office, kitchen, living room decors and man ...

y other things related to office and house furniture. You can order online or you can go to the store and see the products in reality. IKEA’s new catalogue is updated as soon as new ones come up. You can check it on a regular basis and know <strong>what is new</strong>.</p>Expand text

About the network Ikea

Ikea is a Swedish multinational company, headquartered in the Netherlands. Since 1943, it has been selling do-it-yourself house furniture. It operates all over the world, and one of the most visited retailers to buy house furniture. It entered the UK market in 1987 and has been successful in the UK since then. At the present time, it has more than 20 stores in the UK.

The concept of IKEA is truly touched by a spirit of style and decoration, the moment you step foot into the store. There you can see various showrooms for each compartment of the house. You see living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms decorated and embellished to excellent standards that inspire. You can note down the items that you would like to buy. When you get to the checkout, you can just grab the items already prepared and packaged for you!

After you are tired of strolling around the store, you can stop at the restaurant after checkout, and enjoy your hotdog!

If you do not want to spend time at the store, you can check its e-commerce website and order it online! IKEA has a service that they can come and assemble the furniture for you. The other service is that they measure the room for you so you can buy the right fit furniture.

The IKEA app has an amazing feature. You can take a photo of your place that you would like to decorate and see which items can be the right fit for the room.

IKEA has its own card that you can benefit from discounted products; called ‘IKEA Family’.