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Chicken is the most common poultry in the world today. It is documented that, in their carvings, Babylonians depicted chicken as meat around 600 BC. During the Middle Ages, it was the most common meat available. In the 1800s, chicken meat was expensive in the United States and later its consu ...

mption has become more popular during World War II. The fact that it is is quite easy and low cost to raise them, chicken meat has become prevalent throughout nearly all cuisines around the world and it was adapted to regional tastes. Chicken is easily cooked in numerous different ways. You can bake, grill, barbecue, fry or boil it. Since mid the 20th century fried chicken has been one of the most popular fast foods. When it's not fried, many experts claim that chicken meat is a healthier option compared to red meat because it has lower concentrations of cholesterol and saturated fat. Although chicken meat is one of the cheapest it is still better to get in on a discount. Fun fact: According to the United Nations, it is estimated that there are 19 billion chickens in the world today, which outnumber human beings more than 2:1.

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