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Vegetables:onions, salad, peas, potatoes, potato

Fruits:olive, peaches, plums, cherry, tomatoes

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:tea, coke

Pasta, Rice and Other Grains:noodle, rice

Meat:sirloin, wings, steak, sausages, sausage, beef, chicken, meats, pork, drumsticks

Ready Meals:coleslaw, fillets, ham, pizza

Herbs & Spices:salt, chilli

Snacks:chips, chocolate

Electronics & Games:freezer

Alcohol:pinot, chardonnay, sauvignon, vine

Bread & Bakery:bread

Dairy & Eggs:cheese

Brands/products: florette, müller, baby, tomatoes, cobra, john, leaf, activia, peri, only, supervalu, for, nescafe, tampax, day, amstel, mash, wafer, fruit, ths, heinz, cushelle, alfredo, black, town, gallo, kellogg, hellmanns, expert, giant, fresh, cadbury

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