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Household Appliances:pillow, pillowcase, jug, toaster, dishwasher

Dairy & Eggs:cheese, butter

Meat:burger, rib, chicken, sausages, pork

Condiments:sauce, honey

Sweets:waffle, doughnut, choco, brownie, chocolate, pie, dessert, candyfloss, sugar, biscuits, muffins

Snacks:cookie, popcorn

Ready Meals:hamburger, burgers, snack

Herbs & Spices:vanilla

Furniture:mattresses, bed

Sports & Outdoors:backpack

Clothing & Shoes:shoes

Beauty & Cosmetics:cosmetics

Nuts & Dried Fruits:peanut

Electronics & Games:blender, battery, headphones, smartphone, adaptor, fryer

Various:wheels, bamboo, tablets



Baby & Toys:toy

Home Improvement & DIY:silicone

Hygiene & Cleaning Products:brush, tissue

Fruits:strawberries, pear, raspberry, peach

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:soda


Brands/products: lidl, online, meradiso, sandwich, baby, bacon, fabric, silvercrest, gelatelli, mcennedy, cream, reeses, marshmallow, cereal, lost, hobbs, flavour, simply, pour, quick, fruit, stella, lager, sit, rapid, status, output, universal, outdoor, total, cats, fresh, prosecco, orange, apricot, element, pan, wotwine, hoop, livarno, lux, spotlight, head, burner, cat, royal, team, hanger

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